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Looking For Friends

When was the last time you had a new life? Do you remember? When did you open your heart to someone new? Since when do you tell someone about your favorite food, books, places? If your answer is “long ago”, we’ll translate it as ” looking for friends or looking for friends”. At every moment of our lives, we have the opportunity to meet new people, find new friends. To know a person is to know a world. Then all those who say that I am looking for friends, a woman while being friends with the issues to be considered write…

Those Who Say I’m Looking For Friends Here!

The most important condition of meeting a new person for a friend is pre-trial. Make sure that the lady friend in front of you tells herself and can express her thoughts comfortably. In negative situations, make constructive criticism instead of telling him that he is wrong or wrong.
Express yourself well. Do not send mixed signals to the person you want to be friends with. Don’t act like a refrigerator the next day when you are answering your messages sincerely one day. No matter how calm, clear, and open-minded you are, the woman will be close to you. If you say you want a friend, pay very close attention to this item.

Be honest and open when expressing your feelings. For example, if you like something your friend said to you, share it with him or share it if he reminded you of a moment of sadness. That way, your relationship gets stronger.
As you get to know the person you want to be friends with, reinforce his / her positive aspects. For example, if he made a nice cake for you, say, “how nice are the cakes that come out of your hands?” Don’t be afraid to say that.
Strengthen your memory. A woman likes to listen to what she says and to express her opinions about the subject. Remember important details and share your ideas with someone if they talk a long time about the gift they’ll get, the clothes they’ll wear at a wedding, or the food they’ll cook in the evening. If a woman is talking, relax, if she’s thirsty, don’t forget it.
Instead of asking for friends or looking for friends, join live and if you want to expand your circle of friends, or take steps to get to know that particular person you are going to spend your life with. To be open-minded and unprejudiced, to protect your well-intentioned listener attitude and to present constructive criticism will make you different from many people. If you are seriously looking for friends, don’t ignore our advice!

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